Here are some frequently asked questions we get from people all the time. If your question is not here, please contact us here

Q: What are the red dots on the edge?

A: The red dots are plugs for the 3 inch steel pin that makes the hook extra strong to resist breaking

Q: What size pots will Garden-on-Stick!® hold?

A: Standard Garden-on-a-Stick!® hangers and the 5 foot clay pot stand holds 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch clay pots. Herb stand and hangers holds 4 inch pots.

Q: Will Garden-on-a-Stick!® hold all pots?

A: Garden-on-a-Stick® will hold all standard clay pots with a lip up to 1 ¼ inch deep. Custom orders available for clay pots with a deeper lip. Garden-on-a-stick!™ hangers are not made for glazed pots.

Q: How much weight will Garden-on-a-Stick!® hold?

A: An 8 inch pot filled with wet soil and a plant weighs about 8 to 10 pounds. A standard 2 pot holder will hold up to 20 pounds; 4 pot hanger will hold up to 40 pounds and herb hangers using 4 inch pots will hold up to about 8 pounds . All Garden-on-a-Stick!® hangers have a 200-pound rated ring and woven poly cord.

Q: Can I hang Garden-on-a-Stick!® outside?

A: Yes, Garden-on-a-Stick® is made of redwood and cedar, which is naturally rot resistant. Each Garden-on-a-Stick!® hanger is coated with a no VOC (volatile organic chemicals) water-based poly-spar finish that will keep your Garden-on-a-Stick!® looking great for years. The nickel-plated ring resists rust and the poly cord will not rot.

Q: Can I get my Garden-on-a-Stick!® customized?

A: Yes – we will make your Garden-on-a-Stick!® to your custom specification. Just hit the contact us button and tell us what you want.

Q: Where can I buy Garden-on-a-Stick!® products ?

A: You can order your Garden-on-a-Stick!® on line or visit us at one of the locations on the calendar page. Garden-on-a-Stick!® is also sold at select specialty shops. Go to the links button.

Q: Do you sell Garden-on-a-Stick!® wholesale?

A: Yes – you too can sell Garden-on-a-Stick!® Contact us using the contact button for and ask for wholesale opportunities.